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Nameskylar rose
Register Date07/07/2012
Last On07/07/2012 08:05 am
Locationsan antonio, United States of America
 About Me
My Song
lips of an angel by hinder
My Movie
21 jump street
My Hangout
my job haha
My Destination
 More About Me
I love cod, i play xbox, when I'm not playing i like to run and play volleyball. I'm originally from Tennessee moved to Texas about a year and a half ago. I work at gamestop and i want to make video games someday.
 My Quote
Dont get shot.
 My Kind of Person
I love a guy who can make me laugh and doesn't mind losing every once in a while. He can't be too cocky but not a push over either. And I'm the shy one so has to know how to keep a conversation going. Don't worry im only shy at first.
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